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Our Vision

Our vision: All-round value-driven human development
We are on a mission to foster design-thinking and making young minds tech-savvy through simple real-life projects. We have developed all our courses by mustering the decades of our IT experience along with our compassion as parents.
We focus on not only imparting technical skills but also fostering creativity.

Our Background & Philosophy

Education and Training are our passion and 'Digital Enablement for All' is our mission! We have decades of experience in IT Training & Development and Consulting. Our team has worked for global companies like Oracle, Infosys, Toshiba, Cisco, Sony, Microsoft and Bosch in different capacities. We have successfully run multiple projects in Canada, USA, Japan, Australia, Malaysia, S Korea, Singapore and India among other places. However we feel that the spectacular success of Indian IT has still not percolated to the young students and we need to create a culture where Technology is made fun to play with.

Popular Courses

Our Top Courses

Python Programming COurse

Instructor : Manish

Rating : ★★★★★

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Instructor : Vardhini

Rating : ★★★★★

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Instructor : Prajakta 

Rating : ★★★★★

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Expert Faculty

Our Top Instructors

Manish Sharma

(An alumnus of NITIE, IIIT, MBM-JNVU)

Prajakta Pitale

           Content Architect             B.E(Comp. Science)

Vardhini Sharma

             Content Architect              B.Tech(E&C),MBA

Our Students' Reviews


Python programming 

I understood the topics really well as they're explained in great detail. The codes and homework were very fun. It had a good pace to learn

Ishan (11yrs, Hyderabad, India)

Java programming

Very friendly and nice teacher, she made it interactive and explained well, I alos liked the quizzes & assignments that helped me memorize and practice the concepts

Riya  (15yrs, Millburn, USA)

Artificial Intelligence

What I really liked about the AI course were all the interesting projects, was really fun because I could use the things we learned in the class in my other projects. I also really liked my teacher because he is funny and nice. The last reason I liked this class was that we got the right attention from the teacher.

Myra (10yrs, California, USA)

Corporate training-Python programming

it was my first step in the era of digitalisation and automation but it has instilled so much interest in coding. The trainers were very helpful and the learning experience was wonderful.

Shivangi (Manager, Bosch Ltd.)


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